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Why Do We Protect Sexual Predators

why do we protect sexual predators

My Personal Perspective


Statically speaking, it’s been reported that 1 out of every 6 people have been raped or inappropriately touched in their lives. I personally believe that this number is even greater, because most men and women that have been sexually assaulted, refuse to admit it occurred and never disclose the details to anyone. Why? I ask, why do we try so hard to protect the identity and reputation of our perpetrator? This is something that I’ve asked myself many times, but I still don’t understand why!


When I was thirteen years old, I was raped by an older classmate. I was frightened and unsure what had actually occurred. It took me years to figure things out, especially since the assaults by my rapist continued for approximately six months, long months. He eventually threatened me, which heightened my anxiety, and he told that my family and I would be harmed, if I told anyone! I took him seriously and didn’t whisper a word about what had occurred to me for ten long years. During that time, my life spiraled out of control, as I blamed myself for the assaults! I became unmotivated and alcohol took over! Finally, I entrusted my husband with the details after we had been married for a full year. It would take me an additional 30 years before I disclosed his identity to my husband. When I told my mother what had happened ,she begged me to release his name, but I was unable to do so! She died, many years later, never knowing his name! In my book, “Fear Not, Angels Are Summoned,” I tell his first name. That name is a bit unusual, so when my friends read the book, they’ll know who raped me! I’m certain of that! Two years ago, I was able to write a letter to my rapist and his wife. Writing the letter and my memoir, was so cathartic!


But, why did I protect this pathetic pig's identity for so many years? I truthfully do not know the answer. Did you do the same thing?