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Advance Praise for Fear Not, Angels Are Summoned



“Kim is a perfect example of someone who makes a difference. Fear Not, Angels Are Summed is so compelling that I didn’t put the book down until I finished the last page!”


—Stephen DiMuzio,
Interior Designer, Owner of Stephanie’s of Stone Harbor




“Kim’s story is an amazing journey through her life and her ability to use her faith to survive. I could not put the book down—so many emotional, funny, and inspiring moments!”


—Carole Georges,
Retired VP, People’s United Bank




“Providing hope for others, Fear Not, Angels Are Summed tackles an incredibly traumatic, life-altering accident with gripping details that make the book hard to put down. A story of resilience and recovery and a must-read for anyone in the midst of or recovering from trauma.


—Heidi Ramsbottom,
Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Center for Psychological Health & Wellness




“Kim’s normal suburban life with her husband and three kids was turned upside down by a freak accident that could happen to any of us. Her trials and tribulations tested her tenacity, like God tested Job. Surviving the accident, fifty orthopedic surgeries, cancer, loss of job, moving and more were not enough to make her, or her family, give up. This personal story will inspire you to use your own will power, supported by those who care for you, to turn such negatives into a positive—to never lose hope and to turn it all around.”


—Dror Paley,
MD, FRCSC, Orthopedic Surgeon, Director, Paley Orthopedic and Spine Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida




“One word—BRAVO! I commend Kim Shipe for her bravery and sincerity in sharing her life’s inspiring and incredible journey. I laughed with her and then wept with her when her pain was unimaginable. Kim is brutally honest in recreating the events that led her to finally find peace and resolve the pain she so long endured. A MUST READ!”


—Val Patrician,
Wildlife and Folk Artist




“Despite incomprehensible odds, this mighty woman, mother, nurse, and runner overcomes all things with her faith and the guidance of many Angels. Fear Not, Angels Are Summoned will bring you such encouragement to face any storm thrown at you! I was on the edge of my seat through the entire book and shouting for joy with Kim and her family at the last chapter!”


—Dottie Drake,
RN and Owner of Miracle’s Fitness Club




“Fear Not, Angels Are Summoned recalls one woman’s unbelievable journey that began as a typical day and ended by changing her and her family’s lives forever. I found myself laughing at times, crying at others, and reflecting long after each chapter. Shipe’s book is a mesmerizing, humble account of one woman’s ability to see the Angels, even when she finds herself in life’s darkest moments. A truly inspiring book.”


—Cyndie Veillette,
Special Education Instructor, Region 15 Schools, Massage Therapist, and Energy Worker




“I’ve worked as a counselor in the mental health and addiction field for over twenty years and have come to believe that faith and trust in God are the best predictors for healing, recovery, and good mental health. Kim’s remarkable story describes how she transformed fear, pain, and suffering into faith, healing and an unshakeable belief and trust in God. She demonstrates how, by drawing on the love around us and from our Creator, we gain the stamina to maintain the tremendous effort and fortitude necessary for such a spiritual metamorphosis.”


—Patricia E. Meade,




“Kim Shipe’s personal narrative captures the soul of a woman surviving numerous tragic events. The importance of love, family, friends, and faith provide the building blocks for her happiness!”


—John Mudry,
Educational Consultant and former School Principal




“A captivating testimony of tragedy and healing. Kim forges a sense of faith despite incredible odds.”


—Abby Hunsburger,
Retired Day Care Teacher for the Child Development Center at the Reading Hospital




“I found Fear Not, Angels Are Summed to be thoroughly engaging. It had me laughing and in tears while thinking of my own life experiences. Kim frames this book with heart and soul. What an incredible human being!”


—Jan Pouncey,
Retired Legal Assistant




“Fear Not, Angels Are Summoned is written through an act of love and witness to ‘the Gospel.’ In it one will find some of the unexpected ways God intervenes in the chaotic and most tragic moments of our lives. Kim Shipe’s memoir articulates how the love of Christ surrounds us and brings us to healing and wholeness.”


—Rev. Nanette Christofferson,
MDIV Fuller Theological Seminary, ELCA Pastor




“Kim’s inspiring life story immediately draws you into the battle she faces between good and evil. She unknowingly invites evil in with her trusting, free spirit, and her desire to please others. She overcomes the darkness with the help of a newfound, unexpected friend who teaches her boundaries through example. She’s a soul searching for purpose and truth. How a person can recover physically and spiritually from the horrific traumas in her life can only be done with Grace and help from above.”


—Karen Ord, Rachel’s Vineyard,
Retreat Coordinator, Phoenix, Arizona