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About Kim

Mom, Nurse, Author


Originally from Pennsylvania, Kim spent her youth traveling across the country with her father’s military career. She earned an associate’s degree in nursing and business administration, then launched her own career as a critical care RN for over fifteen years. When her husband Rod got the opportunity to run a metals company, the family moved to Connecticut, where Kim became an elementary school nurse.


In 2002, a freak accident ended Kim’s very public nursing career. Her book reveals the numerous traumas she has overcome, including confinement to a wheelchair for five years (she had been a runner), fifty-one surgeries to save her life and limbs, and another fifty surgeries after a bilateral mastectomy to treat breast cancer in 2009.


Kim has used her talents and faith to move beyond every obstacle, even starting Miss Daisy Medical, a successful business Kim founded with her doctors’ encouragement and input, so she could sell her innovative medical bandages to thousands of patients in need.


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